October 21, 2019

The Creative Spark: New interview collection coming this fall

Creative people have a certain spark: a brightness in their eyes, an inquisitive way of looking at the world, a desire to make things. But that spark doesn’t reside solely in people seen as creators. It’s in all of us, just waiting to break out.
In this collection of interviews with some of the most creative people of our time — musicians, authors, explorers, and chefs — these makers speak about what drives them, what helps them to see the world in fresh ways, and what inspires them turn their visions into art.
During the past decade, Michael Shapiro has interviewed some of our most creative luminaries. Yet it’s not simply that Shapiro has had access to so many supremely talented people — it’s that he gets them to go deep. These interviews serve as a gateway for each one of us to chart our own creative paths, enrich our lives, and bring our true selves into the world.

Michael Shapiro 2017 Sonoma County TEDx talk in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Travel writer and photographer Michael Shapiro takes you from Ireland to Guatemala, from Kenya to Ecuador, and talks about how meeting people all over the world helps build bridges and shatter expectations. This talk was given at the 2017 Sonoma County TEDx event in Santa Rosa, Calif.  

Somewhere Beyond Time: Jan Morris’s Wales in National Geographic Traveler

Jan Morris has been my mentor and a muse. When National Geographic Traveler asked me to travel to Wales to interview her and write about her corner of her beloved homeland, I leapt at the chance. I planned to meet Jan on my first day in Wales and have her set my itinerary, but she […]

Amazon cruising: A Ride in the Wild

“Oh my God – it’s a black caiman,” he exclaims. “These are endangered – look at this!” Victor places one arm under the neck of the scaly creature, best described as a small alligator with teeth that could do some serious damage. “Want to hold it?” he asks. “Just put your hand under his neck and you’ll be fine.”

Jane Goodall interview

From a very early age, Jane Goodall showed a keen interest in observing animals. One day, when she was four, she spent hours crouching in a henhouse trying to see how a hen laid an egg. By the time she was eight, Goodall says she’d decided she wanted to go to Africa someday and live among wild animals.

Southern Ireland with Dervla Murphy

Dervla lovingly shows us some her vast collection of books, including volumes that had belonged to her grandfather. Then she picks up a greeting card someone sent her with the words: “Beer is proof that God loves us… and wants us to be happy.”

Guatemala: A Journey Through the Land of the Maya

Guatemala: A Journey Through the Land of the Maya is a photo collection of images by Kraig Lieb with text by Michael Shapiro. A few of the photos were taken by Shapiro, including the image of the young Mayan women carrying the anda (a platform used for parading saints through the street) shown on the […]

Mongolia’s Nadaam Games, Washington Post

When President Nixon visited China in 1972, he said that it takes a great people to build a Great Wall. In Mongolia they countered: It takes an even greater people to make them want to build it. That warrior pride is on full display at the Naadam festival.