August 31, 2015

Grateful Dead documentary: North Bay has starring role (May 2015)

The early days of the Grateful Dead.

“It will come out when it’s ready,” said Kreutzmann, 45, the son of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann. “It would be nice to hit the 50th anniversary, but making a better film is more important.”

Boz Scaggs still smooth after all these years (May 2015)


The classics remain fun because “I never play a song the same way twice,” Scaggs said. “It’s different every night.”

American Way: Ultimate Tequila Tour

Tequila barrels on a burro at Herradura hacienda.

Over the course of two whirlwind days in Tequila and one in the highlands town of Arandas, I visit eight distilleries with Julio Bermejo.

NY Times: Vineyards with Vistas

It is no mystery why the towns and countryside here are so attractive to second-home seekers: seduced by high-quality restaurants, coast-side golf courses, unique shops and galleries, easy access to the Pacific and the redwood forests, and wineries that routinely outrank the top French producers, many see paradise in this nook of Northern California.

Patrick Amiot’s magical carousel, Sonoma magazine, July-Aug. 2014

Patrick Amiot's carousel in Sebastopol, Calif., where he built it in 2014. He recently dismantled it for shipping to a suburb of Toronto. Photo courtesy of Sonoma magazine.

“Let’s do a carousel,” Amiot replied. He just threw it out there. A week later the developer gave the green light, and Amiot began creating a merry-go-round like no other.

What to do when poker table gets unruly, SF Chronicle

Poker is a mercenary game, and when you feel like any factor is tilting the odds in your favor, take advantage of it. That said, you can offer some help to players who need it.

Wash Post: Dylan Thomas’s Wales


“Listen to (his most famous poem) from a child’s point of view,” Annie says. “His father wouldn’t give Dylan the words he needed like ‘well done’ or ‘I’m proud of you.’ The work between father and son wasn’t finished.”

Art collector Jack Leissring: Eyes need to see this stuff

“Every piece I’ve ever purchased is because of an emotional response,” Leissring says, tapping a fist to his heart. “I have some big names, but that’s immaterial to me. This tendency we have to adulate some and ignore others is a tragic flaw.”

Adriena Daunt Leaving Single Malt Curlers

Adriena Daunt is leaving the Single Malt Curlers at the end of the band's 2014 worldwide tour.

Singer, tambourine player Adriena Daunt announced she’s leaving the Single Malt Curlers.

Gambling column: NBA title futures


If they stay healthy and new addition Andre Iguodala plays to his potential, the Warriors have a legitimate – if not huge – chance to go all the way.