Can we talk? I must admit I’ve never been drawn to Joan Rivers as I have to comics like George Carlin or Richard Pryor. But after interviewing, I came to appreciate her fierce honesty and incisive comments. I work with disabled people but couldn’t help laughing and conceding her point when she ranted about blind people in Manhattan having apartments with great views. And when she got serious about her anger toward her husband, who committed suicide when their daughter was still young, I felt very moved. An excerpt from our phone conversation follows, click here for the full story in the Press Democrat.

Q. There was a scene cut from your documentary where you say “F… you” to your late husband’s picture.

A. Melissa was very upset about that (scene being included in the film). So I asked them to take it out. Anyone who has gone through suicide in their family, you are filled for the rest of your life with remorse, all the normal mourning feelings, all the loss and unhappiness. All the sadness is there, and also great anger. Great anger!

Q. So that doesn’t ebb over time?

A. No. I’ll look at a girl talking to her father and I’ll think, ‘Melissa didn’t have that, you bastard.’ The emotions are extraordinarily complicated.

Q. Does the road ever get tiresome for you?

A. Look at the last week: I was out in California to do “Fashion Police.” I worked three days filming “Joan & Melissa.” Then I had a meeting this morning with QVC to present our fall line of jewelry and clothing. Now I’m driving through the most gorgeous country, and I’m going to perform live tonight. It’s a wonderful life, and it’s never boring because it’s never the same.

To read the full interview, click here.