LAS VEGAS — MGM’s newest mega-resort, a gay-friendly hotel which starts construction this spring and will open in late 2015, will be called the Fellahtio, said spokesman Richard Johnson.

The building will be a high arcing tower he said, featuring a curved design not yet seen on the strip. Johnson said there will be two spherical buildings at its base, a casino and a convention center.

Regarding the name, Johnson said, “I realize it may be outlandish, but so is Las Vegas, and really, who doesn’t love fellatio? I remember when I heard there was a James Bond movie called ‘Octopussy’ — I couldn’t believe that either.”

Johnson said company execs were thinking of names that would complement the hotel’s sister property, The Bellagio, and Fellahtio just came to them.

The National Organization for Woman is protesting the name, arguing that fellatio is an activity enjoyed only by men. “I can’t imagine they’d call a hotel Cunnilingus,” grimaced a NOW spokeswoman.

But Johnson said the hotel will stick with the name. “We loved it since the first shot,” he said. “And we’re not going to withdraw it prematurely.”