A Journey Through the Land of the Maya

Photography by Kraig Lieb with text by Michael Shapiro

This book invites you to jump on one of the country’s brightly painted ‘chicken buses’ and visit its bustling marketplaces, Mayan monuments, colonial town squares, and whitewashed churches, where baroque Catholic rituals meld with ancient Mayan beliefs to create a unique style of worship. From the incense-shrouded devotional processions of Antigua to raucous festivals in remote highland villages, you are taken on a illuminating ride through the world of an exuberant people and their country.

Arthur Frommer, founder, Frommer's Guides

This hauntingly beautiful book has brilliantly captured the current-day life and culture of the Maya in Guatemala. Michael Shapiro’s text and Kraig Lieb’s photos will cement their reputations as among our leading travel writers and photographers.

Robert Holmes, National Geographic photographer

Michael Shapiro’s lyrical text paints a vivid picture of Guatemala and when combined with Kraig Lieb’s evocative photography the result is a stunning portrait of this Central American country. This book makes me want to jump on the next plane to Antigua. 

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