Internet Travel Planner:
How to Plan Trips and Save Money Online

“provides valuable guidance for those just learning how to research and plan trips on line. Also useful is a glossary of terms that too many computer experts wrongly assume we understand.”—Houston Chronicle, December 17, 2000

The Internet has thrown open the doors to travel resource channels that were once accessible only to professional travel agents. Airlines, hotels, and tour companies are all moving onto the World Wide Web as a way to connect directly with their customers. Through these websites, travelers can get personally involved in making their travel plans.

Discover the best insider tips for finding the great deals, learning more, choosing wisely, and saving money. This new edition is chock-full of information on the latest, hottest tips and the newest websites, plus all-new screen shots of the best Internet sites. 
Readers can learn how to:

  • Find the best travel bargains
  • Take advantage of exclusive online deals
  • Compare ticket prices and make reservations
  • Check schedules for delays and changes 
  • Join online discussion forums to connect with others who have been there
  • Plug into restaurant reviews, newspapers, and weather forecasts
  • Stay connected while on the road

Packed with insider know-how, step-by-step instructions, and shrewd travel advice, this guidebook helps readers save both time and money by using the Internet to plan their next vacation or business trip.

Rick Steves, author, Europe Through the Back Door

Excellent online travel planning tips and resources

John Flinn, travel editor, San Francisco Chronicle

Nobody stays on top of the fast-changing world of Internet travel as well as Michael Shapiro.

Craig Stoltz, The Washington Post

Michael Shapiro is the ideal writer to guide readers through the world of Internet travel: Not only is he a seasoned technology reporter, but he’s an enthusiastic international traveler. The book reveals these two strengths in every chapter.

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