The Best Travel Writing 2005:
True Stories from Around the World

This title is the second in our series of annual collections of the best travel writing. Many of these stories are original while some have appeared in other Travelers’ Tales titles or elsewhere. But the common thread connecting them is fresh, lively storytelling and compelling narrative to make the reader laugh, weep, wish he were there, or be glad he wasn’t.

The 30 stories cover the globe, from encountering the spirit of Odysseus in the Mediterranean to restaging the “Rumble in the Jungle” in Malawi to probing the culture of the working men in the Tokyo fish market. The points of view and perspectives are global in reach and the themes are as eclectic as all of our books, including stories that encompass spiritual growth, absolute hilarity and misadventure, high adventure, romance, women’s solo journeys, stories of service to humanity, family travel, and encounters with exotic cuisine.

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