Sierra, the country’s leading environmental magazine, has a front-of-the-book section called Notes from Here and There that’s akin to the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town. It’s an ideal venue for spotlighting personal views on the environment, not my views but those of the most affected people, such as a Karuk tribal elder who told me: “So we’re going through a disaster with all these dead fish—hundreds, thousands of fish floating down the Klamath River—and then the farmers turn around and take half the Shasta River,” Hockaday said. “That was like kicking me in the teeth. It was heartless.”

This is what happened when farmers in upper Northern California began diverting the Shasta River, which feed the Klamath, after a devastating fire in summer 2022. To read the full story in Sierra magazine, click this link: River Rights Gone Wrong.

Ron Reed dipnet fishing at Ishi Pishi Falls. Photo courtesy of Karuk Tribe